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AccuTherm meets the highest-quality standards from the materials used and processes implemented to the production of the final product. AccuTherm’s most popular products include tubular elements, air duct heaters, control panels, circulation heaters, die casting heaters, extrusion press heaters and immersion heaters.


BBC Industries

BBC Industries is an industry leader in the manufacture of electric commercial infrared heaters, industrial infrared heaters, infrared heating components, equipment, and systems for the screen print industry. In addition, we fabricate emitters, element panels, and controls as an international OEM supplier, and produce many trademarked pieces of equipment.

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BRASCH Manufacturing is a long established leader in the design and manufacture of electric comfort heating equipment amid the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.  Heater types include duct heaters, unit heaters, wall, ceiling and floor heaters, baseboard heaters, and convector heaters.



Heatrex manufactures electric heat products that serve a national and international client base. Types of heaters manufactured by Heatrex include bolt heaters, immersion, fluid and air circulation, hopper, infrared process, refrigeration defrost, switch gear, tubular and finned element and tubular strip.



INDEECO designs and manufactures a complete line of heating equipment, including space heaters, industrial component heaters and electronic controls for global commercial, industrial and marine markets. They produce heating elements and electronic controls, fabricate sheet  metal, and weld ASME pressure vessels all in-house.


Solar Products

Solar Products is America’s leading supplier of premium electric infrared heaters. Backed by over 60 years of innovation in manufacturing infrared heating solutions, all of our products are guaranteed to deliver efficient heating performance with unbeatable reliability.



Spectrum represents the most reliable, flexible and responsive manufacturer of infrared heaters for applications in the rail, utility, casting & forging and warehouse industries. By focusing on electric solutions, Spectrum is able to deliver the ultimate in products that are safe, reliable and cost effective.

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