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About Us

ASPEQ Heating Group was founded in 2008 when the management team formed the company to purchase INDEECO. ASPEQ subsequently purchased two additional electric heating manufacturing companies - Heatrex in 2010 and AccuTherm in 2011.

INDEECO, founded in 1929 in St. Louis, Missouri, is widely recognized in commercial HVAC markets as a supplier of duct, unit, and comfort electric heaters. INDEECO also offers a full line of heavy duty wash-down and explosion-resistant heaters for harsh environments and is also a key supplier in the industrial and military marine markets.

Heatrex, founded in 1959 in Meadville, Pennsylvania, provides process electric heaters for the railroad and power generation industries and is well-known for working closely with industrial customers to create solutions for custom applications.

AccuTherm was founded in 1978 in Monroe City, Missouri and is a leader in the process heating industry, manufacturing electric heating equipment for food equipment, oil and gas, and appliance markets, specializing in tubular elements and highly-engineered immersion and circulation heaters.

Brasch Manufacturing was founded in 1966 and is a leader in electric comfort heating equipment amid the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.  Heater types include duct heaters, unit heaters, wall, ceiling and floor heaters, baseboard heaters, and convector heaters.

ASPEQ provides tailored solutions for industrial and commercial electric heating markets primarily in North America. We continually strive to enhance the growth of our customers and the value they add to their customers.

We strive to be the best electric heating equipment manufacturer in North America measured by a balance of quality, customer, and employee metrics. We also strive to establish ASPEQ as a great place to work for our employees, providing them with opportunities to grow personally, professionally and financially.

We want others to recognize – without us having to tell them – that we are the company everyone else wants to emulate. We do things the right way and thus are very successful and have an enviable market position.

Core Values
The values that embody and are important to everyone at ASPEQ are:

  • Dependability – Be responsible for meeting commitments – we do what we say and say what we do
  • Integrity – Do the right thing for our customers and employees
  • Respect – Respect everyone and commit to help others be successful
  • Self-motivation – Get things done and initiate ideas for improvement

ASPEQ takes pride in a commitment to quality focusing on meeting customers’ specific needs. Sustaining long-standing relationships with many safety regulatory agencies such as UL, CSA, FM and ABS ensures our products meet or exceed industry standards.

Custom Solutions
ASPEQ is strategically focused on engineering and manufacturing customized solutions that address unique customer needs for applications that cannot be served effectively by standardized offerings. ASPEQ’s engineers are dedicated to designing the industry’s most technologically advanced thermal management solutions for a wide-array of end markets and customers.